About Us

Welcome to HA Career Academy

Who Are We?

HA Career Academy (HACA) is a Career Counselling firm in Bangladesh. It was established on 22 August 2020. It is mainly creating for supporting and encouraging our young generation who cannot get proper direction about his/her career. All of you know that career is a big fact in reality. We will try to talk with the next generation of young people who will not aware of career and we provide our service without any cost for poverty students/people. 

Why HA Career Academy?

  • To transform the young generation of our country from human to human resource.
  • The HA Career Academy can help you to provide career guidelines in the industry related qualification.
  • To give the right kind of direction that career can choose.

Why You Should Join HA Career Academy?

  • We can help you to find out your goals.
  • We are with you every step to select your career path.
  • We help you create and motivate your unique career pathway and your best version.
  • We cultivate a dream to achieve your success.
  • We are the only organization in Bangladesh that offers career counseling.

Who Can Join Us?

  • ©Any National and International Students
  • ©Any Public Universities Students
  • ©Any Private Universities Students
  • ©Any National Universities Students
  • ©Any Professionals

How Can You Join Us?

By applying and fulfilling the membership application form through our website or by clicking (Apply For Membership)

What Are The Benefits Of Joining HA Career Academy?

There are Five benefits of joining HA Career Academy (HACA)

  • Free career counseling one to one (via google meet and zoom)
  • Free coaching session of HACA
  • Networking with Professionals
  • Discount on courses, training, webinars and certifications offered by HACA
  • Attendance monthly get together meetings (via google meet, zoom, also face to face)

Our Mission

  • Coaching/training-Facilitation of the acquisition of information, knowledge, skills and attitudes promoting a amendment in values, attitude, and behavior.
  • Aim’s to prepare all the young generations his or her career development.
  • To serve the people for the betterment and to develop the student mentally and spiritually.

Our Vision

Our vision is to adapte students for 21st century employability skills and careers by difficult them with digital literacy and to discover best version for finding their best careers.

Our Values

Ou​​r values are presented by “URL”

Unique: Focus on career development

Respect: Respecting people and their values for learning togehter.

Learn: Learning new thing and implemeting it quickly.

Our Beliefs

Ou​​r beliefs are represented by the acronym “CME”

Cultivating: we tend to believe and trust individuals and we tend to invest time and resources to cultivate their talents and abilities.

Merit: we tend to believe that individuals square measure distinctive and accordance with what they deliver.

Excellence: we tend to believe we will do additional and make love higher challenges with discipline, humility and ease.



Goals and Targets

Defining goals and targets by providing guidelines



Creating a virtual room for selfexploration



Helping turn life themes into career goals/planning



Helping to provide Career Development by using: Assessment, Investigation, Preparation and Transition



Professional Expert on CV/Resume writing



Helping to provide online business solution

How Do We Work?

If you’re uncertain regarding your job or career goals, then you may contemplate engaging the services of a career counselor or coach to assist you clarify your scenario. an instructor can work with you to assist with immediate wants like writing a resume or letter and finding employment. they will conjointly offer steering on longer-term plans for your career, together with coming up with for a transition to a replacement career or phasing into retirement.

Help you find out who you’re and what you wish out of your education, your career, and your life.

Assist you establish the factors influencing your career development, and assist you assess your interests, abilities, and values.

Use a variety of tools including assessment exercises, interest inventories, personality tests and client interviews (in-person or long-distance via phone, Skype or video chat) to help identify appropriate options for consideration.

Help clients identify obstacles impeding progress toward the establishment of career plans and coach clients on ways to overcome these challenges.

Help you find resources and sources of career info.

Help you to work out next steps and develop an idea to attain your goals.

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