Professional CV Writing

First impression is the best impression. There is a proverb that first the philosopher than the judge. We are helping you to make and design your CV/Resume by result based, competency-based, situation-based, and action-based. We will assist you in how to make a job-ready CV/Resume and how you will present your achievement, skills, qualification by making an impressive Job-Ready CV/Resume. We make different types of CV/Resume that will help you get a better job. Such as Fresher and Professional Job ready CV /Resume.

HR Manager have spent highest 30 second to search and find best suitable candidate for the job. You need a resume that's brief, attention-grabbing, and industry-specific. We will make Applicant tracking Systems (ATS) fiendly Resume/CV for your desire job. Applicant tracking Systems are software package applications that scan resumes and alternative job achievement documents for relevant keywords like skills, job titles, and academic background. To pass the ATS scan, your resume needs to be formatted properly, and embody the proper words.

We will...

    • Make, and design Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) Friendly format CV.
    • Rewrite, edit, make, design and structure your resume into an expert style targeted on your skills, achievements, Qualification, and impact.
    • Review and fix descriptive linguistics, flow, and syntax.
    • Craft a 2-sentence outline to grab attention of recruiters within the first 5-7 seconds.
    • Use powerful action words to specialize in your accomplishments.
    • Optimize your resume to be used with Applicant Tracking Systems.

We also Provide Premium Package (PPP Service):-

    1. CV/Resume
    2. Cover letter
    3. Bdjobs Profile Update (Only Bangladesh)
    4. Optimize and Make LinkedIn Profile

Why us?

    • We make the Resume/CV by Certified Professional CV Writer. (Certified from University of Maryland).
    • Have an Industry Expertise CV Writer.
    • We are a business skilled with intensive writing expertise.
    • Provide guidelines for job application.
    • We will be able to analysis the small print of your resume to confirm accuracy.
    • Fluent Native English Speaker With Impeccable Descriptive Linguistics.

Our ATS-friendly resume Process

We follow the way to create an ATS-friendly resume step by step

    • Reply to a specific job provide.
    • Tailor your resume.
    • Choose Associate in Nursing ATS compliant resume templet.
    • Select the most effective resume format.
    • Use ATS-readable fonts.
    • Label your resume sections in a clear approach.
    • Use the ATS resume keywords.
    • Select the proper skills for the position.
    • Have the recruiter within the back of your mind once optimizing your resume for the ATS.
    • Have the ATS within the back of your mind once writing your resume for the recruiter.


Some of Our Premade CV Template